Seven Chakras Stone Bracelets - For Him & Her

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New, handmade Seven Chakras Stone and Black Lava Stone bead or White Howlite bead bracelets🌟

Hers are made with the seven Chakra Stone beads ( description below, a Tibetan Bail Bead, a Tibetan charm and the choice of Black Lava Stone bead or White Howlite beads.

Sizes for Her: 

Small : 18cm

Medium: 20cm

Large: 22cm 

His are made with the seven chakra stone beads ( description below, a Tibetan Tube Bead and the choice of Black Lava Stone bead or White Howlite beads.

Sizes for Him: 

Small: 20cm

Medium: 22cm

Large: 24cm 


Christmas Deal:

One Bracelet €19.99  -  Two Bracelets €29.99

Each bracelet will be gift wrapped individually in a handmade box with a handwritten customised Christmas card for each recipient.

Dispatched from Ireland Within the Next Working Day 

Chakras are the circular vortexes of energy that are placed in seven different points on the spinal column, and all the seven chakras are connected to the various organs and glands within the body.
These chakras are responsible for the life energy, which is also known as Qi or Praana.

The Red Carnelian is a powerful balancing crystal for the Root Chakra. It can boost willpower, self-confidence, and give you the courage to make positive life choices.

Amber Agate is called the "change stone" because of its mystical property of helping one handle change in a positive way.

The Tiger's Eye is known for its combination of properties that promote vitalit
y and physical action. It helps you stay grounded and centered, even if you're surrounded by chaos.

Green Jasper is particularly attuned to the Heart Chakra. It regulates our interaction with the external world and controls what we embrace and what we resist.

Turquoise Howlite works closely with our throat chakra which is the core of our communication and feeling heard – both of which add to our sense of self-worth.

Lapis Lazuli Chakra Healing and Balancing Energy The Brow Chakra, also called the Third Eye, is the center of our perception and command.

Amethyst works to bring tranquility to your mind and your crown chakra so can fo can focus on healing any blockages that are holding you back from experiencing bliss.

The Black Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength stability and courage.

White Howlite is a calming stone and it can help its wearer to reduce their own levels of stress and anger, as well as anger that is directed towards them. Howlite absorbs negative energy and its calming qualities are thought to also help reduce insomnia as it relieves and unburdens an overactive mind.