About Kalà

Kalà has meanings in different languages; in Greek ‘most beautiful’, in Hebrew ‘crown’, in Hindi ‘dark princess’, in Hawaiian it means ‘sunshine’.

My designs are mainly inspired by Ancient Egyptian, Greek, Turkish, Celtic and Roman styles. Indigenous, Bohemian and Tribal designs are blended with a classical and modern elegance.

This fusion of genres comes from my own mixed heritage and nomadic childhood across the world.

My passion is combining colours, textures, materials that would not normally be seen together and then experimenting with how they look, move and feel.

I believe in spirituality and the power of certain gemstones.

Kalà jewellery is more than beauty accessories. It is a statement of who you are. It brings confidence, meaning and a story to whoever wears it. 

I want you to feel powerful and bold when you wear Kalà jewellery.

I want you to want to be seen.

I want Kalà jewellery to become a part of your story and for it to infuse you with its energy.



 Dare To Stand Out.

 Kalà by Zoe